User research

Analytics has given you the 'where' and the 'how big'. With user research you figure out 'why' your visitors are not converting.

Who is it aimed at?

Companies that know where users drop off and how much money is going down the drain. Now you want to find out why your users don't do what you intend them to do

How much is it?

On request


For maximum effect ideally in tandem with conversion research package

Project duration

3 weeks until workshop

What we do

We organize and conduct 5 professionally moderated user interviews to identify the most common user problems and to better understand the needs of your target group.

After talking to key stakeholders in your team, we define 2-3 tasks for existing or potential users of your page or app. We monitor the users while performing the tasks and note the most common problems and conspicuous statements. This enables us to uncover key needs, motivators, fears, uncertainties and doubts that make your users drop off your page.

Based on the insights from the conversations, your team will find it easier to make product improvements and trim your page for conversions.


  • Stakeholder Interviews (3)
  • Define tasks for users
  • Target group definition
  • Recruit 5 test users
  • Pay users (included)
  • Five interviews of about 45 minutes each
  • Recording and transcription
  • Play through the conversion-relevant scenarios on all important devices
  • Validate findings from interviews through online survey
  • Pattern recognition (build clusters)
  • Evaluate reasons for behavior
  • Prioritization findings by importance
  • Create report
  • Discuss insights
  • Derive action steps
*in Switzerland on site and without additional costs, abroad by arrangement and with the coverage of travel expenses

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