Expert review

You want to know what your key conversion killers are and learn how you can fix them

Who is it aimed at?

Companies that have already done extensive data digging and user research but which need a fresh pair of eyes reviewing their site

How much is it?

On request


Ideally in combination with conversion research or user research packages

Project duration

2 weeks for report creation

What we do

Heuristics are mental shortcuts that help users solve problems. Every element on a page serves a purpose. Testimonials, for example, are used to build trust, money-back guarantees give the user security. With a framework we go through your most important pages step by step and check them for all important conversion triggers.

We go into the user perspective and ask questions like: Is this the right page for me? How do I find the right product for me? Is the search user-friendly? After our analysis, you will receive a detailed report and a visual representation of your score compared to your two most important competitors.


  • Heuristic walkthrough
  • Application of framework
  • Analysis of conversion-relevant factors
  • Comparison with two competitors and recommendations for positioning
  • Detailed analysis of the individual factors in tabular form
  • Calculation of your total score
  • Visual comparison with competitors
*in Switzerland on site and without additional costs, abroad by arrangement and with the coverage of travel expenses

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