Data driven redesigns

Your site will undergo an evolutionary redesign based on visitor feedback. The end result will be modern, fast, mobile-friendly and most important of all: a site truly optimized for maximum conversions

Who is it aimed at?

Companies that have decided they want a new site but realize that web designers are not conversion experts and that something that looks nice doesn't automatically convert well

How much is it?

On request


No special requirements

Project duration

Depends on the specification and needs

What we do

You’ve made your decision: The current page is being retired. A web design agency can now give your page a new fancy look and optimize it for mobile devices. The page will most certainly look nice. But will it also perform better and increase your sales or leads?

Our approach is different. We only start a redesign project after we have carried out extensive research. The rationale behind it: We can only build an optimized site if we know where the central problems of the old page lie. Together with you we set clear goals and the problem for the redesign.

After we have taken a conversion baseline for the current page, we define an optimal page structure. Informed by our research, we create wireframes. You thoroughly vet the structure we propose. In an iterative ping-pong, we close in on the real site using design mockups. With user research, we validate the prototypes for mobile and desktop with test users.
Depending on availability, your team programs the new website, optionally we take over the programming work with a partner. We implement the central analytics tools and monitor the go-live of the new site. After the go-live we compare the baseline with the performance of the new site.


  • Kickoff meeting (approx. 2 hours*)
  • Stakeholder interviews (3)
  • Analytics
  • Device QA
  • Heuristic analysis
  • Toolkit review
  • Identify tracking problems
  • Report creation
  • Discussion of the findings
  • Define KPIs, redesign goals and problems
  • Develop a plan of action
  • Redesign kickoff meeting (approx. 1/2 day*)
  • Skype calls (twice a week)
  • Project management and distribution of tasks in Basecamp or Trello
  • Measuring KPIs
  • Tools review
  • Customer service / support feedback
  • Customer interviews
  • Usability testing
  • Device testing
  • Development of measurement methodology
  • Definition of primary and secondary KPIs
  • Define tracking system
  • Wireframes (low fidelity)
  • Design prototypes (medium/high fidelity)
  • Validation of design prototypes (customer interviews)
  • Front and backend
  • QA
  • Analytics implementation
  • Monitoring/troubleshooting
  • Measure key metrics
  • Announce results (pre-redesign versus post-redesign)
*in Switzerland on site and without additional costs, abroad by arrangement and with the coverage of travel expenses

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