Conversion research and growth strategy

Figure out where your site leaks and how much the spillage is costing you. Have a clear and actionable plan on how to address the most pressing issues at hand

Who is it aimed at?

Companies that have realized that just plugging holes won't do anymore and that are looking for a more sustainable way to grow without increasing ad spend ad nauseam

How much is it?

On request


Prerequirement for all other packages. No optimization without proper research

Turnaround time

3 weeks until workshop from access to Analytics tools

What we do

We analyze the user behavior on your site and find out where you give away conversions. We’ll show you where the biggest problems are, how big they are and tell you what you how much revenue you’re currently losing out on.
We use a mix of analytics tools and qualitative tools tailored to your needs. In a workshop, we guide you through our findings and together with your team determine an implementation plan.


  • Kickoff meeting (approx. 2 hours*)
  • Stakeholder interviews via videocall (4)
  • Web Analytics
  • Testing the most important devices
  • Heuristic analysis
  • Identify tracking issues
  • Toolkit review
  • Team setup
  • Develop growth strategy
  • Create a plan of action
  • Presentation of insights and strategy
  • Define KPIs and growth targets
  • Prioritize the action plan
  • Develop an implementation roadmap
*in Switzerland on site and without additional costs, abroad by arrangement and with the coverage of travel expenses

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