Conversion Optimization

Maximize conversions on your page with continous testing in a fully outsourced program. Increase your order value, purchase frequency and conversion rate

Who is it aimed at?

Companies that want to systematically improve key KPIs like leads or online sales without just luck and guessing

How much is it?

On request


As a general guideline at least 500 conversions/month

Project duration

At minimum 3 months

What we do

In the workshop, we defined goals with your team and derived actions. We are now prioritizing our findings based on impact on your bottom line. In the meantime our programmer ensures that the key technical issues are resolved and your A/B testing Tool is implemented correctly.
Based on your analytics and backend data, we baseline your site to get reliable numbers for your current page performance. In tandem, our UX designers and programmers implement our improvement proposal in the A/B testing tool.
We calculate the statistics around the test and start the experiment. After the experiment, we compare the performance of the original version and our variation and report back to you. We continually optimize your site for conversions so you get more bang for your marketing budget.


  • Weekly Skype call (1x per week)
  • Project management in Basecamp or Trello (other tools available on request)
  • Ensuring data integrity
  • Fix tracking issues
  • Review or Setup A/B testing software
  • In-house conversion engineer available
  • Hypothesis generation
  • Prioritize the tests
  • Detailed elaboration of hypotheses
  • Baselining current performance
  • Set up as an experiment in A/B testing tool
  • Wireframes and text improvements
  • UX design (e.g. page structure, content, forms)
  • Frontend development (as required)
  • QA and device testing
  • In-house UX designer and front-end developer available
  • Launch and regular monitoring
  • Analysis of test results
  • Preparation of the next test
  • Reporting KPIs and statistics
  • Rollout successful tests on entire page

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